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Disney+ Video Production

Since the initial debut of the brand in Fall 2019, I’ve had the fortunate to partner up with Disney+ on multiple occasions. This included supporting the platform’s initial launchas well as the creation of promotional materials and, even better, sister series produced in synergy that have taken on a life and identity all their own.


Getting to Know Imagineers

Originally created to promote the show Behind the Attraction, the sister series Ask an Imagineer continues to this very day—providing a showcase of the legendary storytellers, and creating connective content for high-affinity park aficionados.

Writer / Creative Director / Producer


In-Park Creature Features

Another sister series to a Disney+ release, Wild Sights provided additional layers to the The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom—centering on the animal keepers featured in that show, and focusing on the relationships between the keepers and their creatures.

Writer / Producer


Fresh Takes on the Classics

Created in partnership with the Disney+ Scenescapes Ambiance collection, SoundShots walked the tracks of classic attractions, captured iconic scenes from never-before-seen perspectives, and re-tuned the audio to a more naturally inspired effect.

Writer / Creative Director / Producer


Synergy Between Stories

As season 2 of The Mandalorian was debuting, Disney+ partners sought help at a late hour in a synergy effort between the series and the parks. What resulted was a promo that blended the show’s storyline with real-life adventures in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Writer / Creative Director / Producer

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