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Marvel Video Production

As a huge fan of the MCU (yes, I cried multiple times during Avengers: Endgame), I had the honor of working with Marvel in support of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure—beginning in the pre-Pandemic era while the land was being built, and many times more once the park re-opened from its COVID-related closure. 


Breaking an Opening Date

Intending to break the land's opening date, this video was created while Avengers Campus was under construction. We worked closely with Marvel on the look and feel, and relied on Disney concept art to provide a glimpse at the adventures to come. 

Writer / Creative Director / Producer


COVID-Era Grand Opening

After 400 days of closure, Disneyland Resort finally debuted Avengers Campus in 2021. As COVID rules had rendered the parks inaccessible, there were limited resources available. To help jump-start attendance, we re-tuned our prior video with updated messaging and imagery.

Writer / Creative Director / Producer


Heroes Assemble Campain

The first of the three pieces in an Avengers Campus bundle, this video utilized the official style guide for the land, as well as b-roll footage filled with popular Marvel characters and, perhaps more important, Guests—along with food, merchandise and more.

Writer / Creative Director/ Producer


Virtual Queue Quick Tips

The second of three  Avengers Campus pieces, this video was created in response to issues from the land’s first 30 days of operation—specifically, that Guests were having trouble accessing the virtual queue for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure.

Writer / Creative Director / Producer


Mobile Order Quick Tips

The third of three Avengers Campus pieces, this video was created in response to operational issues with capacity constraints, as Guests were still able to mobile order food via the app regardless of whether they had gained access to the land or not.

Writer / Creative Director / Producer

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