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Disneyland Resort

There’s no greater honor at Disney than working on the park that started it all, particularly for us SoCal kids who grew up in the park. Since the day I walked through the door, Disneyland has been a key focus in my career—from building websites and apps, to crafting creative copy and producing large-scale shoots.

Distinct Experiences in Web and App

Copywriting for Disneyland digital offered a unique opportunity: whereas web focuses on marketing and trip-planning, the app is more focused on UX to enhance in-park experiences—including pathways to up-level visits in real-time with helpful digital product like Mobile Order and Lightning Lane.

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Producing In-Park Shoots

These days, I’m often tasked with wearing the producer cap in my current role, running $150,000+ shoots in support of products like MagicBand+, AR magic and Mobile Order. Tasks include executing talent/vendor contracts, managing logistics over multiple days, directing 20+ crew members and much more.

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Incredible Guest Services 

Writing for Guest Services is a huge badge of honor, as you have a chance to empower Guests of every background. From detailed guides for Guests with disabilities, to dietary and medical issues, to parking and payment, every project is an opportunity to positively affect someone's upcoming visit!

Help Center, A.K.A. FAQs

Guest feedback is critical to how the parks operate—and Help Center content is super reflective of that! Nearly every piece of feedback eventually receives its own FAQ. I’ve written countless Help Center pages over the years, collaborating closely with Guest Relations, Park Operations, Public Affairs and Legal.

And So Much More...

The depth of writing for the Disneyland and Disney World apps and websites is tremendous, and provided direct experience developing countless kinds of content—ticket flows, profile and settings, cultural and generational outreach, editorials and interviews, Passholder exclusives, special-event guides, etc.

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