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Play Disney Parks 

One of the toughest tasks of working on the parks is that they’re so resistant to philosophical change, particularly in regard to the Guest experience. That was perhaps the greatest rewards of creating and launching Play Disney Parks—an app that “turns wait time into play time” and brings the parks to life in immersive ways.

IP-Driven Interactive Adventures

In 2017, the company shifted my storytelling focus onto a new challenge: Partner with Walt Disney Imagineering to create and launch a new platform featuring IP-driven interactivity, “phygital” quests and immersive games—providing even deeper layers into the stories of the parks in doing so.

Fortune-Telling Fun in the Parks

One of my favorite projects ever was breathing new life to Disneyland’s iconic fortune-telling machines. This included drafting dozens of fortunes and original stories for Esmeralda and Fortunate Red (pirate), blending thematic story with phygital UX to craft a new take on a classic experience.

Deep Dive into Disney Trivia

As a life-long fan of all things Disney Parks, it was a true honor to direct a team of writers in compiling over 2000 questions and fun facts—packed with easter eggs and cult-classic references, in partnership with IP brands like Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and more.

A Massive Achievement System

In tandem with the interactives, games, and trivia, I had a blast guiding the nomenclature, writing and design for 200+ digital achievements. Select rewards were even turned into physical pins that players could buy in the parks after earning the equivalent achievement!

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